5 Ways to Cheeseplate [It’s a Verb Now…]


The LeDonne/Layne household cheeseplates 2-3 times a week. Sometimes we even cheeseplate for dinner. 

It’s so pretentious.

But so sexy.

Cheeseplates are like catnip for women. 

A glass of wine. A few slices of good cheese. Crackers. Wine… What’s not to like?

That said, there are right and wrong ways to cheeseplate. Here are a few words to the wise for proper cheeseplating:

Here we go. 

 Cheeseplate 101: 1) Cut the cheese, 2) Sparkling wine's always a good choice, 3) Crackers are key, 4) Include other nibbles, 5) Arrange it!

Cheeseplate 101: 1) Cut the cheese, 2) Sparkling wine’s always a good choice, 3) Crackers are key, 4) Include other nibbles, 5) Arrange it!

5 ways to Cheeseplate:

1. Cut the cheese [teehee!]

I used to set out a wedge of cheese and call it good. [I also used to wear Axe Body Spray.]

There’s something sexy about preparing a cheese plate. And it only takes a minute. 

Slice the cheeses. 

Depending on the mood and the cheese I’ll slice off 1-2 slices of each cheese. If I want a “let’s accidentally touch cheese knives instead of playing footsie” kind of vibe, then I’ll only do one thicker slice. 

2. Crackers are key

Unless you’re only serving Parmagiano-reggiano, which is dry enough to eat with your fingers, use crackers. They provide a nice crunch to an otherwise one-texture meal, and they’ll keep your fingers from smelling like cheese.

They don’t have to be fancy. My faves are water crackers. The blandness is in the name. You can go nuts and get crackers with seeds [and nuts]. 

3. Include other nibbles

Add a few slices of something apple to mix it up a bit. Tart things contrast well with creamy cheeses. Jammy type things can be found at fancy grocery stores. I’d consider those extra credit… they’re nice but aren’t necessary. I like fig jam and onion marmalades.

4. Arrange it.

Let your inner florist out and arrange it on a board. Or a plate. Make it purdy. 

5. Sparkling wine’s ALWAYS a good choice

This Cava is my new favorite sparkler. It’s $12. Cava, for the uninitiated [no iniciados], is sparkling wine from Spain. It’s made in the same method as Champagne, without the snootiness. 

You may enjoy my food and cocktail pictures because you like nice things.

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