5 Ways To Make Vegetables Not Suck


 5 Ways to Make Veggies Not Suck


Most people hate vegetables. [Even fewer people can spell vegetables.]

But science and our waistlines tell us that they’re healthy.

Why do they taste like grunt? [They don’t, but I’m trying to empathize with you underlings.] Mostly because people rely on the two worst ways to eat vegetables: Steaming and Salad…ing [it’s a thing].

Why do they steam and salad? Because they don’t know how to cook them. But that’s okay!

Enter…Me. [that doesn’t sound right…]

I’m going to give you 5 ways to make veggies not suck and still keep them healthy. [I’m basically a wizard.] You’re welcome in advance.

Here we go!

5 Ways To Make Veggies Edible [besides a salad]:

1. Roast ’em

Toss veggies with olive oil and salt and throw them into a 450˚F oven until they’re brown. Some will only take 10-15 minutes (green beans, asparagus) while some will take 30-40 [broccoli, onions, potatoes, root vegetables]. 
LAZY TIP: Put veggies on a foil-covered sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil and salt, and lazily move them around. No tossing. No need to wash a bowl.


2. Oil & Salt ’em

Many vegetables can be eaten raw and, with a bit of good olive oil and sea salt, are quite tasty. Try this with radishes, snap peas, baby carrots.


3. Sauté ’em

This is best with leafy greens. Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high, add a few small glugs of olive oil, throw a few handfulls of leafy greens, sprinkle with a little salt and then DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Don’t mix them around. Brown them. Brown = flavor. Flip them when they smell browned [trust your nose]. 


4. Grill ’em

I don’t grill often [because I live 44 floors above Manhattan like a cosmopolitan demigod] but when I do, I grill vegetables. Rub a little oil and salt on some baby bok choy or a quartered heart of romaine [I’m not even joking] and throw that sucker straight on the grill, medium heat works well here. You want it slightly charred and browned, but not completely burnt [unless that’s your thing?]. 


Whatever you do…


Soggy vegetables suck. Leave them with a little snap! No matter your cooking method, preserving some of their natural crispness will make them much more enjoyable to eat. 


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