All the High Fives

Congrats, you. [This is a note to myself, not you, the reader. Just didn’t want you thinking you deserved any congratulating. Unless you did something congratulations worthy, in which case, Congrats!]

You wrote a To Do list item and actually completed it. No one will know the struggles you went through to check that box either. 

You had to actually write down “Write The Newsletter” on a pad of paper. That took a lot of energy. So much so that you had to wait until the following day to regain enough energy to complete the task.

And then you had to draw that distractingly warped box to the left to the todo item. That was a pretty smart move, planning for your eventual success.

And then you had to write the newsletter, organize it, setup MailChimp, subscribe to your own newsletter, and then send it out. To yourself. 

But someone read it [you/me]. And he laughed. And then he forwarded it to his wife, Lauren. And she laughed. Which gave you the boost you needed to not go back to bed. (You did write a newsletter today, after all.)

So here’s to you, Me. May you continue to share your talents with the world. And if not the world, then just yourself. And if you ever want to view your prized baby, just to remind yourself how smart/funny/magnificent/glory you are, then click here

*pats you/me/self on the back*.