Makes 2 servings

Canola or vegetable or, in a pinch, olive oil
Kosher salt, as needed

Fill a small saucepan with two inches of oil. Depending on how many beets you’re making, this could be a large saucepan or small. I use a 1.5qt saucepan for 2-4 servings. Heat the oil to 375˚F (190˚C).

Meanwhile, rinse the beets under cold running water. Use a brush to remove as much dirt and gunk as possible. If they’re really dirty, peel them. Pat dry with paper towels. Slice into 1/16th-inch-thick pieces on a mandoline or v-slicer.

Line a plate with paper towels.

Working in batches so the oil temperature doesn’t drop, add beets to the oil and fry for two minutes. Adjust the heat to keep the oil temperature at 375˚F. Remove the beets using a spider skimmer and toss out on the paper towel lined plate. Immediately sprinkle with kosher salt.