Butterscotch Sauce


Ho. Lee. SHIT I love butterscotch. And caramel. [And pronouncing it care-uh-mel, not car-mel.]

I've never made butterscotch before but decided it was going to be a key ingredient in a Harry Potter- themed cocktail this Halloween. 


  • 336g Brown Sugar [a little over one cup]

  • 112g Butter [1 stick, I don't care if it's salted or not]

  • 112g Heavy Cream [~1/2 cup]

  • 34g Water [a few tablespoons]

  1. Add brown sugar, butter, and water to a small pan.
  2. Heat to a boil over medium heat and boil for 10 minutes. 
    You want the sugar to completely dissolve and the butter to brown a bit here. It may take less or more time. It'll smell a little nutty when it's brown.
  3. Remove from heat. Add heavy cream.
    It will bubble vigorously for a few seconds. Do not panic. This is normal. But don't do something stupid like stick your face in there and get splattered on.
  4. Let cool a bit and pour into glass jars. Eat this on top of ice cream [like me], in your Harry Potter-themed Butterbeer recipe [also like me], or by the spoonful in the middle of the night while no one's watching [...no comment...].