How To: Make Simple Syrup in the Microwave

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Buying simply syrup in a store is like buying lottery tickets. It seems like a shortcut but it's an idiot tax. Make your own and feel like you accomplished something today. 

I use this in many cocktails. Yeah, I know sugar is the devil. But adding 1/2oz to a cocktail isn't going to kill you. Unless you have 30 of those cocktails in one night. But even then it's not really the sugar's fault, is it? Also, why are you drinking 30 of the same cocktail? Branch out, man.


  • 250g sugar

  • 250g water 

If you're going to use volume instead of weight to measure this [like I know you will, cheater], add bit more sugar than water.

1 cup of water is roughly 240g.
1 cup of sugar is roughly 200g.
200g ≠ 240g.

Ergo, add a little more sugar OR use a scant cup of water. OR you could just not care. 


  1. Put sugar and water into a heatproof glass container. That Pyrex® measuring cup collecting dust in your cabinet would be perfect here.

  2. Microwave on high juuuust until it starts to boil, usually around 3 minutes for my microwave. If it boils, it's okay. Some people freak out when simple syrup starts to boil, but they're full of shit.

  3. Stir to dissolve all the sugar.

  4. Transfer to a container with a lid (I use mason jars), cool to room temperature, and refrigerate.


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