The Margarita

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Ahh, the Margarita. Brings out the Mexican in each of us. 

A distant relative of the Daiquiri and the Cosmopolitan which both spawned from the Sidecar (trust me), the Margarita is a quintessential warm weather cocktail. 

It's also the cocktail that most underage drinkers order when they're smart enough to NOT order a long-island iced tea but also don't know what to order to not sound 19 (hint to my underage fans, go for a Pinot Grigio or a Manhattan).


  • 2oz Tequila.
    It doesn't have to be fancy. We're mixing a drink not taking shots shots shots shots shots with Lil' Jon.

  • 3/4oz Freshly-squeezed lime juice.

  • 1/2oz Triple sec.
    This also doesn't have to be fancy. Marie Brizzard is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE triple sec maker, but it's also 3 times the price of the stuff I use on a day to day basis (Hiram Walker or Dekuyper, currently).

  • Kosher salt.
    Cumin and/or Ancho Chili Powder if you want to be muy fancy


  1. Remember that lime you JUST squeezed for this? Save the pressed lime half and rub its still-slightly-juicy wetness on the lip of your glass. [That was a little explicit; must have been reading one of my wife's romance novels today...] Dip the moistened lip [there I go again] of the glass into the salt.

  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and ice to the glass and stir.

  3. Drink

It's easy, right? Try making these for a group of people after you've had a few yourself. If you do find yourself mixing for several people (or just yourself) make a batch. Just double/triple/x15 the recipe and you'll have a pitcher of margs for everyone/yourself!