There are a lot of Butterbeer recipes out there. Most are terribly sweet.

This one is so effing fantastic I decided to share it with you Potterites. It’s a little sweet, but not cloyingly so. 


  • 2 oz good bourbon. I used Woodford Reserve and it was incredible.

  • 1/2 oz Butterscotch sauce. The 15 minutes it takes to make your own are well worth it. In a pinch, you can use salted caramel sauce, or something similar.

  • 4-6oz DIET cream soda. [Regular if you’re a total fatass.]


Add all ingredients except the diet [don’t you DARE use regular] cream soda to a mixing tin, mason jar, tupperware thingy, or whatever you have that has a lid.

Shake heartily and strain into a double old fashioned glass.

Top with 4-6oz diet [I’m watching you] cream soda.

Harry Potter cosplay and chug.