Cold Pressed Coffee or How To Feel Like A Hipster Without [Ironically] Hating Yourself

 4 feet of meh

4 feet of meh

The first time I had cold-pressed coffee it came from a 4′ tall machine.

I use the term “machine” lightly here. It looked more like a medieval torture device.

It really didn’t do anything except drip melting ice into coffee grounds and collect the runoff in a carafe. It featured a completely unnecessary spiral glass tube more reminiscent of an 9th century Arab alchemist’s tent than a 21st century Seattle hipster cafe.

It tasted just like regular coffee except it was colder. And 3 times the price. 

But it was purchased with an expense account so I didn’t care.

4 years later I found myself in a perfect storm: extra coffee beans, a new burr grinder, and boredom. So I decided to put the storm to use and tried making cold-pressed coffee.

My normal coffee routine:

 My way ... YEA.

My way … YEA.

  1. Boil water in an electric kettle.
  2. Measure and grind 40g Starbucks Cafe Verona beans. [Yes, I’m a Starbucks fan. I know, they’re a giant and I should support local roasters out of some irrational sense of localvorian solidarity, but I can’t stand most of “the little guys'” coffee and also don’t want to pay triple the price for some hipster to roast when Howard has never let me down.]
  3. Add ground coffee beans and 600g just-boiled water to a french press.
  4. Wait 4 minutes. [I use this time to play Boom Beach on my iPad.]
  5. Press.
  6. Pour.

My cold-pressed coffee experiment:

  1. Measure and grind 100g coffee beans. (Grind setting 14 instead of the normal 28.)
  2. Add ground beans and 1500g water to a plastic tupperware container.
  3. Wait 24 hours.
  4. Press in a french press.
  5. Pour.

1 less [fewer?] step. Score 1 for laziness.

I like hot coffee in the mornings and cold pressed coffee is cold. See the problem?

But I also like cold coffee in the afternoon, and pouring hot coffee over ice dilutes it [almost as bad as Dunkin]. 

It won’t be replacing my normal routine, but it will be increasing my options for coffee consumption throughout the day. 

My favorite way of drinking cold-pressed coffee (which, by the way, doesn’t taste magically different than normal coffee) is on ice, with a tablespoon of mint simple syrup and a tablespoon of heavy cream.

Give it a shot.