I can’t put this book down


My current book club book is Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush.

And it is fantastic.

When my friend and fellow book club compatriot, Ross, picked it out, I was a little skeptical. I was alive during Bush’s presidency, but I didn’t really care at the time. [I didn’t get into politics until I was 12.]

But then another friend of mine stood in line for several hours to view the former President’s casket, and gave us one of the little cards they handed out, framed in glass. He described 41 as “our last great president.”

So I started reading Destiny and Power. And I can NOT put it down [which is good, considering my book club meeting is coming up fast!].

I loved learning about his military service, and about the early days when he got into the oil business. I cried [one lone man-tear] when I read about the death of his daughter, and about the camaraderie he shared with Reagan. And I cheered for him when I read of his victory over Dukakis [spoiler alert, Bush wins the presidency!].

But one thing I’ve found most interesting is the background information on the campaigns. I always thought the candidate did all the work. While they do are executing the lion’s share of it, they have a team of people across the country helping out.

I also love reading about the personal connections he tries to forge as a statesman representing our nation in the world. It’s especially fun to compare a president so statesmanlike to our current president. It put things in perspective for me.

So, while I had no opinion when my friend first made the “last great president” comment, I do have an opinion now.

I think I’m inclined to agree.

Buy the book here.