I Love My Workspace

 5 Ways to Cheeseplate

About a month ago Wiff and I moved up a floor in our building. Our new place is larger, which means we each get dedicated workspaces. Pretty cool. [If you’re a work dork.]

The thing is, “work” for us is “fun” because we’re both doing what we love. She’s an author/lifestyle blogger and I’m a website designer/cookbook author/stand-up comedian. [We do it all for the slashes.]

I’ve always loved minimalist workspaces. Even in college, my desk had nothing on it [including homework].

When I had a “normal” job, it was almost a point of pride to have nothing on my desk. I judged people who had pictures of their families [unless it was just the dog]. I even got rid of my company phone.

My desk has a few more things on it, but they’re all functional.

Here’s what I’ve got on my desk:

My Bullet Journal

Wiff turned me on to bullet journaling. Each page in the bullet journal has a matrix of dots and nothing else. No droplet icons to track how much water I’m drinking, no “write your daily aspirations here” boxes [that always remained empty], and certainly no motivational quotes.

Since there’s no extra baggage – none, really – I’m free to design each page how I see fit. I’ve settled on this for my daily/weekly journal format. I use it in conjunction with a cube timer [spoiler alert: next section]┬áto track where all my times goes.

The Cube Timer

This little guy goes off every hour, reminding me to write down what I plan to do for the next hour. So when it goes off at 2pm, I write “edit blog post” [read: make a drink]. And then I edit that blog post [make a Negroni].

My MacBook Pro

If my home was on fire and I had to save only one thing, it would be my computer. [I’d of course run back up to make sure Wiff and Dog made it out okay!]

An Acrylic Monitor Stand

To hold the Apple Thunderbolt Display.

An Acrylic Desk Organizer Thingy

Wiff bought one of these for herself and, after having to listen to me pine for it [our desks face each other] she bought me one.

My Pen

I was recently turned on to fountain pens. And I will never go back.