No-one ever says Mimosa. It’s Mimosas. Never singular. Always plural. 

They’re a ubiquitous brunch cocktail. There’s something so unguilty about drinking Mimosas. They’re almost healthy. 

Wine is sacramental. Sparkling wine is celebratory. Orange Juice is good for you. (Think of all that vitamin C you’re getting by drinking!)

Many restaurants offer bottomless Mimosas during brunch hours. They must know of the health benefits too!

Next time you’re in the mood to spend $20 on 2 Mimosas, try making 5 at home for the same price. 

  • 1 1/2oz Orange Juice
    (It doesn’t have to be exactly 1.5oz. I like always making them the same way, but if you’re not as anal-retentive, just put in a splash. Or two splashes.)

  • 1/2oz Triple sec.
    I like a little alcoholic orange flavored sweetness in my mimosas. Others may not. Try it if you already have triple sec at home, but don’t get all teary eyed if you don’t.)

  • Sparkling wine

  1. Add orange juice and triple sec to a champagne flute (fancy), wine glass (acceptable), or baby bottle (if you’re into that).

  2. Top up with sparkling wine.

  3. Garnish with a orange twist. (Don’t skimp on this, please. It’ll make your Mimosas look a million times better.)

  4. Drink.