This might just be my new favorite pesto recipe. Ramps are hard to find, but they are absolutely incredible. They look like a green onion whose dark green tube was flattened into a large leaf. They taste like garlic, but without the garlicky punch. And, because of its garlicky nature, we actually omit the garlic that would normally appear in a pesto recipe.

Also…and this might be the conspiracy theorist in me…but this pesto didn’t brown and I think it was because of mint’s antioxidant properties. Like maybe the antioxidants prevent or slow the oxidation of the leaves so they don’t turn dead green / brown? I DON’T KNOW IF THAT’S TRUE. So don’t call the po po on me. But it’s possible, right?

  • 90 g ramp leaves
  • 30 g mint leaves
  • 40 g pine nuts
  • 40 g parmigiano-reggiano, grated
  • 80 g extra virgin olive oil

Add the ramps, mint, and pine nuts to a food processor fitted with the blade attachment and process into a paste. Add the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and process to combine. With the processor running, add the olive oil in a slow stream until completely mixed. If not using immediately, transfer to a sealable container, cover with a layer of olive oil, and refrigerate.