The Candid Cook

 Anthony LeDonne is One Very Sexy Beast

Anthony LeDonne is One Very Sexy Beast


I know it’s a goofy name. You can call me CC, The CC, or Anth if that makes you more comfortable [my wife just calls me “idiot”].

I don’t know exactly why you’re on this page, but I bet it had something to do with my irresistible photography or ruggedly good looks.

You’re about to discover that all my recipes are easy, look elegant, and taste fucking awesome.

Did he just…

Yeah. I broke the f-bomb ice. It’s how I got the Candid Cook [and the aforementioned “idiot”] nickname.

Buy great tasting ingredients and, right when you’re about to f*ck them up, dont.
— Anthony LeDonne, The Candid Cook

Spoiler alert:

I’ll drop some f-bombs. Maybe a few s-words for fun. And definitely the c-word if you sass me [crumpet].

My no-BS approach to cooking is a refreshing palate cleanser to many of the complicated cookbooks out there.

I cook by one simple mantra:

Buy great tasting ingredients and, right when you’re about to fuck them up, don’t.

That’s it. 

No fad diets; no absurd food restrictions; no insane ingredients you can’t find at a decent grocery store [how do you pronounce cacao nibs? Kuh-KOW!?].

Just good food, done great. 

And good food doesn’t mean esoteric, hard to find rubbish [where can I find hemp seeds? Asking for a friend…].

Nor does it have to be Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, Virgin, or Caveman Approved. If that’s your jam, keep jammin’. I don’t care what type of food you buy as long as it meets one simple requirement: It HAS to taste good.

Think of me as a [very handsome] goblin standing on your shoulder, whispering amazing recipes into your ear, and then screaming at you all the ways NOT to screw them up.

Or, if that’s a little creepy, think of me as your fairy godmother [I did a lot of theater in high school], gleefully bestowing upon you a magical book of cooking miracles that will seriously help you up your cooking game.

I’ve compiled a book of 100 simple, mouthwatering dishes [fancy word for recipes], painstakingly written them out in terms that are easily understandable and easily cookable, and photographed them so well I’m getting hungry just writing this intro [mmm…pesto]. 

I’ll give you the secret to properly salting pasta water [hint: less water, no oil, and WAY more salt].

I’ll tell you what to do what the other half of the onion you didn’t need for the recipe. [I’m a giver like that.] 

And I’ll show you how to plate your food so you can look like a Food Network star.

I’ll do everything but cook the meal for you [you’ve gotta meet me halfway].

So, what the heck is easy elegance?

It’s a no BS, gimmick-free approach to cooking simple, easy, everyday meals. 

It’s a little tough love. And it’s a lot of how to make shit taste good.

So sit down, grab a drink [make mine a double], and let’s start cooking together!


Anthony LeDonne has been called many things – genius, idol, asshat – but to the most important people in his life [himself] he’s The Candid Cook. He’s a self-taught culinary icon, and his mission is to improve people’s lives, kitchens, and gastrointestinal pleasure.

“That’s a weird mission,” you might say. 

And you’d be right.

But Anthony is a lot of things, and weird is one of them. How else would he be able to write a bio in the third person?

And so, with playful joy in his heart and that weird mission in his mind, he writes funny cookbooks and creates magnificent how-to videos.

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