The Weekly

hello people with children. and hello people without children who are reminded they aren't normal [usually by people with children]. 

Boonsboro, MD

This week's The Weekly is coming at 'cha from a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan. I have to purposefully obfuscate my exact whereabouts so the people looking for an autograph [or quality time with me] can't find me.

Wiff and I are heading down to Boonsboro, MD for the weekend. They had a pretty sweet deal on a Sleep Inn that was too good to pass up so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

For those of you who don't know the history of Boonsboro [everyone], it was founded in 1792 by George and William Boone. Shortly after the city founding, George shot William in a duel, settling an argument over whether to include the "e", Boonsboro vs Boonesboro [that may or may not be a lie].

While we're in town checking out George's tombstone [screw William and his superfluous"e"], Wiff will be taking part in a book signing at the world famous Turn The Page Bookstore [something in this Weekly had to be truthful].

Drink I'm Drinking: The Dirty Mela.

This drink is what happens when a Negroni-lover wants to celebrate Autumn [Fall?!?].

Food I'm...Fooding?: Kale Chi-...Am I really doing Kale Chips?

The answer is yes. But only because I think they taste awesome, not for all the BS health benefits. [#toxinsAreMakeBelieve]

Purchase I'm Purchasing: The iSi Gourmet Whip Plus.

At  3:45 yesterday afternoon I received the iSi Gourmet Plus 1 pint whipper from Sur La Table.

At 3:46 I carbonated my first Dirty Mela

At 3:56 I carbonated my second Dirty Mela.

At 5:13 I fell asleep.

To quickly carbonate cocktails, I strained a chilled drink from the mixing glass directly into the Whip Plus, charged it with a CO2 charger, shook it for a few seconds, and then opened it. It quickly depressurized, much to the displeasure of my dog, who hates hissing noises [and democrats].

At 6:06am this morning I poured two Negronis into the Whip Plus. I’m keeping it under pressure in the fridge for 6-12 hours to see if that affects the carbonation level. The amount of CO2 dissolved into solution (the Negroni) is a function of time, temperature, and pressure [PV=nRT, anyone??], so the colder the drink, and the longer it sits under pressure, the more CO2 should be absorbed into the solution. I'll let you know if it changes the drink [I'll probably forget].

UPDATE: I did NOT forget! The carbonated Negronis were fantastic. The bubbles were a nice surprise. Still a bit of a novelty - and it won't replace the uncarbonated version - but it's a fun way to shake [ha!] things up.