The Weekly: 4

Hello people who believe in science. And hello people who do juice cleanses [say hi to your toxins!].

This marks the fourth installment of what may or may not be the most informative collection of information on or off the internet, dark net, sub net, fishing net, any net really. That’s what I think. And just like Christmas, it’s the gifts that count.

I’m a day late [three, actually!] sending this out. I apologize. I accidentally prioritized my day job above communicating with my loyal subscribers.

It’s my sincere hope that at least one of you fabulous people is enjoying this. Yes, I’m reasonably confident that last sentence was grammatically correct despite the seemingly incongruous use of “people” and “is”.

And now for a quick hit of three things I know how to do: Eat, Drink, and Think. (The third is debatable…)

EAT :: Linguine alle Vongole. I have no idea why we don’t just call this Linguine with Clams. You’d think we’d use Italian to make words like “clams” sound a little sexier. But Vongole? But I’m a uncomfortable saying vongole in mixed company. You wanna see my vongole? Click here.

DRINK :: The Daiquiri. “More daiquiris!” sounds like the last words a bachelorette party screams before they blackout. The daiquiri is a classic cocktail but, just like its cousin the Margarita, it’s been perverted into a frozen concoction very unlike its former self. Check out the recipe here.

THINK :: I live in one of those modern high rises. The kind that looks like it's made out of windows. It’s LEED certified environmentally friendly to attract the wheatgrass and juice cleanse crowd. It’s the kind of place where you’d expect the bathroom-to-fan ratio to be about one-to-one. But...bathrooms? 1. Fans? 0. The most advanced piece of technology in our bathroom is the match. There’s a fan in the kitchen to whisk away the gourmet smoke. But nothing in the bathroom for the gourmet stench. When did we outgrow the fan? Isn’t that one of those modern day luxuries we use because it's amazing? You know what Jules Verne fantasized about? Submarines, hot air balloons, and fans. Fast forward to the 21st century. We’ve put a man on the moon. We put fans into bathrooms. And then we took them out.

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