The Weekly!

When your bread's as stale as your jokes...

Make Crostini.

Crostini is the answer to the question "what can I do with this two day old baguette besides throw it out or beat my dog?"

Having lost it's initial freshness, but not yet possessing the brittle dryness of a giant baguette-shaped-bread crumb, two day old baguette is in culinary limbo. It's just sitting there in the pantry, a dead loaf walking. awaiting it's final destiny: to be pulverized to smithereens [always wanted to use that word] as breadcrumbs.

I, being an outside the breadbox thinking young lad, decided to give it a second chance [recidivism is low in our pantry] and offered to commute its sentence if it agreed to take a little heat.

Deep Prayer

I read in the news this morning that a Florida family who had lost their home in a fire was in "deep prayer" for the Tennessee victims. Who consciously makes the decision to NOT pray deeply?

"Hey man, we should pray for those people."
"Uh... Fine. Okay. Our father..."
"You need to go deep, man."
"Dude, I've only got a few minutes. How bad is their situation?"

If you're going through the hassle of praying, why wouldn't you just pray deeply? What is deep prayer? How is it different than regular prayer? Is there a shallow prayer? And what does it matter? Is Jesus up there like "Hey Daaaaad?"
"Jesus Christ, What?!?"
"Can we help the fire victims? Some people were praying and stuff."
"How deep?"

I would have thought 17 years of Catholic education would have prepared me for this. I just don't know. I guess I'll go pray for an answer.