The Weekly: 12

On the road again... [I'm trying to appeal to fans of Willie Nelson, not One Direction, even though I always find myself singing along to their songs. (I LOVE U NIALL).]

Mother and Pup.jpg

This week's The Weekly is short because we're on a road trip. Bring out your best and brightest Burger Kings, Outbacks, and La Quintas, America, because the LeDonnes are a' trekkin' 'cross 'Murica [that's how everyone talks between the coasts].

In our own annual Rumspringa of sorts [look it up], we leave Manhattan every summer because of:

  1. the humidity,
  2. the tourists ["personal hygiene" doesn't translate to other languages].

Driving across the states also reminds me how different the rest of the country is. If you're one of the people who tells themselves and their left-leaning friends -- and, let's face it, you probably don't associate with any "right wing nut jobs" [or "anyone who disagrees with you politically"] -- that "there's no way he can win", you probably haven't left your donkeycrat bubble in...ever.

I don't know where you stand politically [nor do I care], but for me at least, driving past billboards plastered with images of babies saying "My heart was beating after 18 days" and hearing someone say "I've tried calamari 3 times in my life", reminds me that there are a LOT of people out there whose lives are a LOT different than mine. 

"But can't you write your world-class weekly, cleverly titled The Weekly, while you're on a road-trip?"

Look, that's a great question. Yes, I could write a longer The Weekly, and impress the millions of adoring fans out there who need me, but who would take pictures like the one above? [Hint: Not Ansel Adams.]

To the 10 people I didn't offend with my quasi political reflection above: Yes, that's the backseat of a Dodge Charger, which the bartender in Minnesota (at the Mall of America) told me was a sweet ride right before grunting and asking how many tickets I've gotten so far [ my entire life]. Notice that vantage point? Yeah, that means You Know Who was driving. And taking pictures. But I wasn't texting and driving, so it's all good.

It was also my birthday this week, which means I was even more distracted than usual. Playing putt putt golf. At the Mall Of America. What other mall knows it's so badass that it puts the country in it's name? Kinda makes Captain America seem a little narcissistic, doesn't it? [Call me America LeDonne.]

5 at 5 Update

Just a quick update... the little teaser project I announced last week is coming along nicely! Here's a clip from our upcoming series, which we're calling 5 at 5. 


That's all for now!


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