The Weekly: 17

hello clinton supporters. and hello trump supporters. and hello those of you who're hiding from social media because this election season is a total buzzkill.

[also, is who're a real contraction? it looks so wrong but it feels so right...]

Before we get started...this was my afternoon:

...and also with your spirit

I was in a church for the first time in a long time recently and noticed they changed "and also with you" to "and also with your spirit."

Even though I'm not really Catholic [like most Catholics], I can appreciate the joy church leaders brought to each and every of the 1+ billion Catholics around the world with this monumental change. I can only assume all of South America paraded in the streets when their demands were finally met.

Could you imagine if they had tackled some of the other, less important todos?

Pope: Okay boys, I’ve got big things planned. We’re going to revolutionize this church. Bring it squarely into the 20th century.
Cardinal: You mean the 21st century, sir?
Pope: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…
Cardinal: Are we going to let women become priests? 
Pope: Haha, Cardy! Good one. No, we have more pressing matters. 
We’re going to change "you" to "your spirit."

5 @ 5

As promised and right on time [several weeks late], I published two more 5 at 5 videos. See the latest here. Enjoy!

What I'm drinking: The Sidecar

Comedy Stuff

My agents and managers [make-believe friends] worked hard and procured [their word] another guest spot for me at Gotham Comedy Club. I'll be performing on the same stage I watched Seinfeld perform, and with the same level of comedic genius. If you're in NYC and awake at 9:30pm next Wednesday, come on out!