The Weekly: Highlights!

hello people who say tomato. and hello people who say tuh-MAH-toe. [i know you're out there.]


I'm behind on work stuff and I was out too late last night celebrating Wiff's finishing another book [congrats, Wiff!] so this weekly will be a wee bit shorter than usual.

Quick Hits

I did stand-up again this past Monday.

And by "did stand-up" I mean I was the highlight of many people's day [life]. It got a little weird when, in the receiving line after the show, four separate people independently told me that they felt their lives were now complete. I don't mean to brag, but that's two more than last time.

It had been a few weeks since I'd gotten up, which is ages in stand-up land, but based on rousing laughter and almost gratuitous applause, I've come to one conclusion: I'm still hysterically funny. [If you say it often enough it's true.]

Thanks for taking the Sirvey! Some initial observations:

  1. 23% of respondents answered that their favorite thing to cook is pasta.

  2. People want get better at:

    1. Knife skills (chopping, not cutting themselves, etc)

    2. Soups

    3. "Everything"

  3. 121 out of 122 respondents were female. I'm pretty sure the 1 male was my dad.

5 at 5

Wiff and I have scheduled a 5 at 5 date tomorrow [someone needs his beauty rest]. Holler at us here if you have questions you'd like us to answer on air. 

My Favorite Joe Biden Meme:

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