hello people who have the time to protest. and hello people with jobs.


This week's Weekly is coming at 'cha from New York, the home state of the candidate I voted for in our most recent presidential election [it was on Tuesday; you may have missed it].

No matter which way you lean politically [or physically, if you've got a bum leg] I think we can all agree that the real heroes of this year's election were the CNN correspondents who bore the brunt of Wolf Blitzer's frenetic interruptions all election night.



I especially loved how John King was visible in the background of every shot playing with his Magic Wall in the background. This paragraph will probably make zero sense if you didn't watch CNN's election coverage, but boy, if you know what I mean. 



*makes self a cocktail and stares out the window*

Now that it's over, might I suggest a few cocktail options? Perhaps a Seelbach? Or, if you're feeling a bit more experimental, perhaps a Lemon Basil Daiquiri (one of the first in my Let's Play With Laughing Gas cocktail experiments).

Reunited at last!

Reunited at last!

If you're one of the professional protestors in Portland might I suggest refueling with my recent recipe: CHICKEN & EGG, AT THE SAME TIME. I think you'll especially like the fact that chicken and egg were joyously reunited [just in time for breakfast].

That's all for now! This one's short, and late, but we've all had a long week [I napped all day yesterday] so I'm signing off for now. 



New Shows Added!

Check out the calendar for new shows... I'm performing November 14th and 21st at Gotham Comedy Club, and December 10th at Broadway Comedy Club.

5 @ 5

Wiff and I have been slow to record more of these but rest assured, we THINK of recording them all the time. We're just saving up our funny for a day when our schedules allow us the privilege of entertaining the world [every day]. 

For those of you who are NEW to the 5 at 5, lemme just say this, my wife and I are funny. Sometimes we rant. Sometimes we drink [always]. We're always trying to make the other person laugh [we actually keep score]. I don't know what else to say. Besides just watch them. And let us know what you think! And...if you have questions...we'll answer them on air. 

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