Twas The Day After Christmas


I love the day after Christmas.

All the duties of the holiday are past. The crowds of shoppers have returned to their homes with full bellies and empty wallets.

It’s the first winter stillness we feel all year.

And it’s perfect for reflecting.

As I write this, on the day after Christmas, I have a cold. It’s minor, but present enough to annoy me. I’m sipping a Negroni—for the Vitamin C in the orange peel, I tell myself—and taking a minute to enjoy this feeling of having absolutely nothing to do on my calendar.

Can you think of any other time of the year like this?

I can’t.

I have nothing to do except plan for the new year.

For the last several years, Wiff and I have planned together using a workbook she designed called Life By Design (LBD for short). It’s awesome. If you feel like you want to get a jump start on planning your life, grab it while it’s on sale. [She made me pay full price.]

What’s on the plan, you [didn’t] ask?

I’m going to write a cookbook of small plates.
I’m going to write and produce my own comedy special.
I’m going to publish a blog post every day.
I’m going to publish new material every Monday.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I got up to blow my nose, pour another Negroni, and then forgot what else I had been planning on doing.

Guess I better add a todo for tomorrow: finish new year planning.