a few of my favorite places
...to drink

Bar Centrale


(212) 581-3130

What to tell your cabbie: "8th & 46th" if you're coming from downtown, "9th & 46th" if you're coming from uptown.

Good cocktails. Quiet patrons. Everything I like in a cocktail bar. Bar seating is first come first serve. Reservations are required if you want to sit at a table or a booth. But it's worth it. My wife and I saw Viola Davis there, and George Clooney has been known to drop in. 


Upper East Side

(212) 744-1600

What to tell your cabbie: "76th & Madison"

The walls are covered with Ludwig Bemelmans's murals. [He's the author of the Madeline book series.] The cocktails are expensive, but very large and very high quality. Their sidecar is TDF.