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I'm Anthony LeDonne, a New York-based author and comedian.


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Did I mention I wrote a cookbook? It’s funny. You should buy it.

Two things about me: I'm a good cook, and I'm funny.

Most of the time my wife is the only one to benefit from my gifts [right, Wife?!?], but then I thought...

the world needs me.

In June of 2018 I signed a cookbook deal. It had been simmering [ha!] for a while, but the writing gods finally saw my boundless talent and said "let's give him a shot."

I can't wait for you to read it.



You talkin’ to me?

Born and raised in the Seattle-area, he was once described as a "modern renaissance man" and he's taken it to heart.

In a former life, he rocked the 9-to-5 world as a consultant-turned-headhunter until he realized he liked day drinking and being his own boss far too much for the corporate world.

He now lives with his high school sweetheart and plus-sized Pom in New York City, where he splits his time between doing stand-up comedy and writing books.

He's appeared on Showtime, Investigation Discovery, Epicurious, and USA Today. 


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