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"To leave the world a little happier than we found it isn’t easy. But it’s worth trying."

- Anthony LeDonne


I'm a comedian, chef, reluctant podcaster, actor, award-winning photographer, emotional minimalist, and for some of you, your biggest fan.

hey. i'm anthony.


The Internet says you should focus on Your One thing.

I never was one for following advice...

but enough about me...

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Whether you're here to laugh, to learn a new recipe, or you're simply bored as heck and want to be distracted by my riveting thoughts on the world, I want to help you get from where you are to where you expect to be. Belly up to the bar, lemme pour you a drink.

i want to make you smile.

What to Expect

Or to make you think. I'm flexible.

A Podcast from a guy who hates podcasts



In which I talk about all the things that are on my mind that my wife doesn't want to hear about. If you think that sounds boring, you'd be wrong. My mom loves it.

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I hate the term food blogger. But sometimes I blog about food. I'm also a cookbook author [it's not currently for sale, long story, don't ask], and am known over at Epicurious as Mr. Pink Shirt Guy.

i believe ...


that cooking amazing food is easier than you think.

January 9th 8pm ET - Register Here

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