Anthony LeDonne

Comedian, Writer,
& Actor


Hey! I’m Anthony LeDonne, a NYC-based comedian, writer, and actor.

Check out my portfolio, my blog, or come see me live!

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Born and raised in the Seattle-area, he was once described as a "modern renaissance man" and he's taken it to heart.

In a former life, he rocked the 9-to-5 world as a consultant-turned-headhunter until he realized he liked day drinking and being his own boss far too much for the corporate world.

He now lives with his high school sweetheart and plus-sized Pom in New York City, where he splits his time between doing stand-up comedy and writing books.

He's appeared on Showtime, Investigation Discovery, Epicurious, and USA Today. 

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Recent Stand-up

Gotham Comedy Club, 2019

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