About Anthony

Born and raised in the Seattle-area, he was once described as a "modern renaissance man" and he's taken it to heart.

In a former life, he rocked the 9-to-5 world as a consultant-turned-headhunter until he realized he liked day drinking and being his own boss far too much for the corporate world.

He now lives with his high school sweetheart and plus-sized Pom in New York City, where he splits his time between doing stand-up comedy and writing books.

He's appeared on Showtime, Investigation Discovery, Epicurious, and USA Today. 

Anthony LeDonne Negroni Cheers.jpg

My favorite cocktail is the Negroni.


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I talk with my hands because I'm Italian. [Half.]


Fast Facts About Anthony

  • I go by Anth, never Tony. That's my dad.

  • My wife is a New York Times bestselling romance author. It's as sexy as it sounds.

  • I didn’t used to be a dog person. Ten years ago, my wife brought home a Pomeranian. Now I'm a dog person.

  • My favorite cocktail is the Negroni. It's bitter, classic, and Italian [like me], and you can learn to make it here.

  • I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, but I've also lived in Seattle, Issaquah [it's real], Santa Clara, Orange County, San Fransisco, Chicago, and New York City.

  • I think the biggest crime you're committing in the kitchen is not adding enough salt. To everything. No, it won't kill you. Most American sodium intake comes from processed crap, not the salt shaker. Also, this.

  • I started doing stand-up because I missed being on stage (I was a theater nerd in high school). Being the center-of-attention is my jam.

  • I talk to strangers in bars. A lot.

  • I'm writing a memoir. Which may sound stupid because I'm 35, but I'm funny and have things to say, so ...

  • My favorite movie is The Big Lebowski, but you'd never know from how many times I've watched Harry Potter.

  • Gin is my spirit animal.