Travel Guide: Hudson, NY

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, Athens, NY

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, Athens, NY


Haunted House #1

Wiff and I love Hudson because it’s a short drive from the city, it’s got great food and drink, and it’s haunted.

Our first visit was on Halloween. And as we walked back from the restaurant to the hotel we came across the house pictured here. It was rundown, dilapidated. And obviously haunted. There was a black cat in the front yard. I assumed the house was his. After exchanging pleasantries, talking briefly about our dinner and how it nice the weather had changed from summer fall, he followed us the half mile back to our hotel, demanding pets along the way.

Hudson has several great restaurants. The food in the town is awesome. The produce is super tasty, I think, because it comes from local farms. Normally I care zero percent about eating local, but in this case the taste is perceptibly better. I’m still swooning over the baby kale from Swoon’s salads.

Drinks are equally fun too. WM Farmer & Sons has the most interesting cocktail program. Go at 5pm for happy hour—it’s the best in town. Two words: DOLLAR OYSTERS!?!??! They’re always fresh and briny. Two more words: bone marrow. We get it every time. The menu changes every season or so, but they don’t change every item completely. For instance, they always have aa bone marrow, but they change the preparation. During our last visit, they’d changed the preparation to include snails. They were magnifique.

Getting there

Rental car. I love Silvercar. So much more than other rental car companies. Despite my top tier status with Hertz, Silvercar’s experience blows Hertz’ out of the water. Everything is easy with Silvercar. You walk up, scan your car with your phone, get in, and go. All Silvercar cars are fully loaded Audi A4s, Q5s, and Q7s. And they rock. Driving a Q5 for $64/day beats driving a Corolla for $50/day every day.

Pro tip: If you click THIS LINK you and I will both earn $25 toward our next Silvercar rental.

The Train. Hudson is 2 hours north of NYC by train. And the train station is across the street from the two lodging options below. How easy is that!?!

Where to stay

Local hikes

Artist’s Rock

The view from Artist’s Rock.

The Artist Who Lives On Artist Rock

Dining Options

The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

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