Did I mention?

In addition to ALL MY OTHER TALENTS, I also design websites. [It's okay to clap.]

I designed my first website in fifth grade [sometime in the 1800's] and haven't stopped since. After I said adios to the corporate world, I started a side-hustle with my Wiff. Now we design and build awesome [some say majestic] websites for people, restaurants, small businesses.

Are you one of those things? Would you like an awesome website?

You've got two options:









I talk to actors and comedians who say "my agent told me to get a website. Why do I need a website?"

Because whether you like it or not...
You. Are. A. BRAND. 
And a brand needs a web presence.

What about Facebook?

Facebook owns everything you post on Facebook.

I don't say that to sound like a doomsday hoarder [wanna see mah fallout shelter? pew pew!].

I say that because few people realize that, even if you have 50,000 people who "Like" your Facebook page, only a small percentage (2-3% on average) of them will see your posts. Facebook charges you money for you to reach your followers.

Want to know a cheaper way to reach your peeps?

What are the benefits of having a website?

Having a website is the best way to show the world (fans, casting agents, bookers, etc) that you're serious about your career.

Professionalism, cont.
On that note, have you ever noticed that companies, brands, celebrities, don't have email address that end in "@gmail.com"? Or worse, "@yahoo.com"?
When you have your own website, you can also have your own email address. Mine is anthony@anthonyledonne.com.

what you get

A modern, high-class website you’ll be proud to show your fans, casting agents, managers, bookers, and your mom. 

Specifically: 4 pages. For actors, comedians, musicians, writers - creatives - it's usually something like: Homepage, Videos/Reel/Music, About, Contact.

who it’s for

Actors, comedians, musicians, writers, anyone who understands that the website has surpassed the business card as your single-most important asset for showcasing your brand.


1 week to launch, assuming you've got your shit together. (This means timely communication and sending me the necessary images/songs/blurbs/credits, etc.