Ahh, the Margarita. Brings out the Mexican in each of us. I’m wearing my sombrero and burro blanket as I type this. [That’s what everyone in Mexico wears all the time, right? RIGHT?!?]

A distant relative of the Daiquiri and the Cosmopolitan which both spawned from the Sidecar (trust me), the Margarita is a quintessential warm weather cocktail.

It’s also the cocktail that most underage drinkers order when they’re smart enough to NOT order a long-island iced tea, but also don’t know what to order to not sound 19 (hint to my underage fans, go for a Pinot Grigio or a Manhattan).

The tequila doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be fancy. We’re mixing a drink not taking shots shots shots shots shots with Lil’ Jon.
The triple sec doesn’t have to be fancy either. Cointreau or Marie Brizzard are fantastic here, but they’re more expensive than Hiram Walker or Dekuyper, which are fine too.

2 oz Espolón tequila
3/4 oz freshly-squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz triple sec.
Kosher salt. Cumin and/or Ancho Chili Powder if you want to be muy fancy.

Remember that lime you JUST squeezed for this? Save the pressed lime half and rub its still-slightly-juicy wetness on the lip of your glass. [That was a little explicit; must have been reading one of my wife’s romance novels today…] Dip the moistened lip [there I go again] of the glass into the salt.

Add the rest of the ingredients and ice to the glass and stir.


It’s easy, right? Try making these for a group of people after you’ve had a few yourself. If you do find yourself mixing for several people (or just yourself) make a batch. Just double/triple/x15 the recipe and you’ll have a pitcher of margs for everyone/yourself!


If you’d like a slightly smokier twist, add the ingredients to a shaker with a coffee bean or two. Shake vigorously, then strain into a double old fashioned glass filled with ice.